Conboy Basketball Services Membership

  • Price: One payment of $40.00
  • Additional Info:
    I just launched a private Facebook group called Conboy Basketball Services. This is for players, coaches, or parents who want to study the game and take their IQ and skills to the next level. It is an interactive group where anyone can ask questions and get quick feedback. Inside the group are individual and team breakdowns to improve your IQ, workout plans and videos for performance training and skills training that will actually give you results, nutritional plans and resources to help you reach your optimal potential and tools to help with “the process”. Includes help with invitations to combines, showcases, and club teams as well as help with the right questions to ask along the way. You will also receive an honest assessment and we will go through where you are at, where you want to be, how you are going to get there. Become a member for $40/month. Limited spots available.